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Hi. My name is George Yancey. Thanks for visiting me at my website. I am a professor of sociology with an academic interest in race relations and anti-Christian attitudes in the United States. Concerning racial issues, I have developed a Christian model for race relations that can take us beyond colorblindness and anti-racism. I covered this model in my book Beyond Racial Divisi0n.  It builds on the work I did in an earlier book - Beyond Racial Gridlock - that introduced that model. In my newest book, I rely on scholarly work and a logical appeal for a better way forward. I also have done research on anti-Christian attitudes, cultural progressives, and conservative/progressive Christians. That work is also available in some of my books. 

My most recent work is the book "Beyond Racial Division." In it I offer a vision of race relations that bring unity instead of polarization. I hope you find the work insightful. If you want to support this approach then feel free to check out a program I have started at Baylor to further this effort. 

"Our racial division and inequality are extreme. In the midst of such challenges, we shout, we accuse, we point fingers, we divide into camps. And we get nowhere. Dr. Yancey proposes an alternative, rooted deeply in Christian understanding and sociological knowledge. He offers hope and clarity for our times. A must-read."

Michael Emerson -  Professor and Author of Divided by Faith.


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