As more people are vaccinated, speaking opportunities are starting to open up again. Here are some of my upcoming speaking engagements. To the best of my knowledge, all of them are open to the public. So if you are in that area feel free to come by and see me. If you are interested in having me speak to your organization then please contact me.

May 14

Bethlehem Baptist Church - Minneapolis, MN: I will lead a half-day seminar on collaborative conversation for the members of the church and any other interested parties. 

June 6-8

Christian Educators Diversity Alliance Symposium - Waco, TX: I will present a workshop dealing with how we can better manage diversity within Christian high schools.

Aug 10

Wayland Baptist University - Plainview, TX: I will work with faculty/staff development for the university.

Oct 19-20

Covenant College - Lookout Mountain, GA: I will make several presentations to students and faculty examining how a collaborative conversations approach can improve race relations on a college campus.


Nov 9-10

Mosaix 5th National Conference - Fort Worth, TX: My participation at the conference is not yet determined