As more people are vaccinated, speaking opportunities are starting to open up again. Here are some of my upcoming speaking engagements. If you are interested in having me speak to your organization then please contact me.

September 10

Park Community Church - Chicago, IL. I will speak at the Racial Justice Reform group with the intention of helping the reformers to start the relationships that can lead to allyship. 

September 22

Salvation Army Regional Meeting - Midlothian, TX. I will engage in training for the Salvation Army concerning a collaborative conversation approach to racial issues.

October 13

Grace Church - Waco, TX. I will speak on the topic of "Why Christians are so Divided on Race" with ideally a heavy dose of questions and answers from the audience.

October 17

Church at the Cross - Grapevine, TX. 
In a sermon I will present ideas on how to move forward our racial conversation in a healthy manner.


October 30

Living Waters Church - Harrisburg, PA.
I am planning a seminar at the church that facilitates better conversations across the racial lines.