Hi. My name is George Yancey. Thanks for visiting me at my website. I am a professor of sociology with an academic interest in race relations and anti-Christian attitudes in the United States. Concerning racial issues I have developed a Christian model for race relations that can take us beyond colorblindness and anti-racism. I covered this model in my book Beyond Racial Gridlock. While my early academic career dealt largely with racial issues; I have lately  focused on issues of Christianophobia. Many of the lessons I learned dealing with racial issues also apply as it concerns anti-Christian bias. The results of my work can be found in the books I have written and in my Patheos blog at Shattering Paradigms. I also am available to speak on these topics and can tailor my talk to the particular needs of your organization. 

"A much-needed book! George Yancey proposes to do what is long overdue--systematically analyze race and race relations to suggest a thoughtful Christian approach to racial problems. And I cannot think of a better person to write this book. Dr. Yancey has been working in the area of race relations for many years, written several influential books on the subject and knows how to write readable, to-the-point books for Christians."

Michael Emerson -  Professor and Author of Divided by Faith.



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